Payroll Specialist (Construction)

Corporate Office

18 Mar 2024

Corporate Office

Human Resources


Position Overview

We are seeking a highly skilled Payroll Specialist to take charge of our payroll functions. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure accurate and timely payment of payroll expenses and taxes. Collaborating with professionals from various departments will be key aspects of your role. The Payroll Specialist is responsible for completing timely and compliant weekly payroll and reporting. This position plays a crucial role and requires a strong attention to detail and extensive payroll knowledge including wage scales, prevailing wage, Davis Bacon Act, garnishments, and various other tax laws.

We are looking for an individual who is analytical, methodical, and experienced in payroll administration. A deep understanding of payroll regulations is crucial. Additionally, we value qualities such as integrity, team spirit, and strong organizational skills.

As our Payroll Manager, you will play a vital role in safeguarding the financial well-being of our organization and ensuring our employees are paid accurately and on time. Join our team and contribute to the smooth and effective operation of our payroll functions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing/delegating, coordinating, and executing all tasks related to payroll and compliance.
  • Develop systems to process payroll account transactions (e.g. salaries, benefits, garnishments, deductions, taxes and third party payments).
  • Assist in auditing prevailing wage projects; resolving payroll and prevailing wage discrepancies.
  • Monitor prevailing wage jobs to ensure certified payroll and other reporting requirements are met.
  • Coordinate and manage timekeeping and payroll systems.
  • Liaise with field Managers and Supervisors daily on employee timecards and records.
  • Work with field Management to ensure that Per Diems are being tracked properly on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that per diems are tracked weekly and are being paid appropriately.
  • Oversee processing of payroll changes (e.g. new hires, terminations, raises) and system upgrades.
  • Work with Accounting on running proper reports for job-costing purposes.
  • Ensure that we are paying people according to proper Prevailing Wage Rates by state.
  • Certify all appropriate payrolls weekly.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and internal policies.
  • Supervise and coach payroll clerks and assistants.
  • Liaise with auditors and manage payroll tax audits.
  • Collaborate with Human Resources (HR) and accounting teams.
  • Maintain accurate records and prepare reports.
  • Resolve issues and answer payroll-related questions.


  • Experience with prevailing wage is preferred, including certifying payroll.
  • Experience working in payroll with prior construction-type companies is preferred.
  • Proven experience as a payroll manager or similar role.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, or related degree is highly preferred.
  • Having an FPC or CPP Certification is a plus.
  • Current knowledge of payroll procedures and related laws.
  • Excellent understanding of multi-location payroll and taxes.
  • Familiarity with payroll software/ HRIS (e.g. SAP, ADP, Kronos) and MS Office (especially Excel).
  • A keen eye for detail.
  • An analytical mind and good math skills.
  • Outstanding communication skills (written and oral).
  • Organizational and leadership skills.
  • BSc/BA in Business Administration, Accounting, Human Resources or related field; professional certification (e.g. CPP, CPM) is a plus.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time at a desk/computer.
  • Use arms and hands to reach for, handle or manipulate objects.
  • Lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds; occasionally lift items weighing more than 50 pounds with assistance.
  • Stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl.
  • See well (naturally or with correction).
  • Eye-hand coordination.